SoundBeast AI

His Master’s Voice!!

Clone Any Voice Into a Revolutionary, Realistic, 100% Human-Like Voice In Major Languages Spoken Globally With SoundBeast AI.


  • Do away with paying hundreds of dollars for Voiceover Artists and Expensive Third Party Platforms.
  • Powerful Dashboard (Dead-Easy To Use)
  • Clone or create a voice to resonate with your brand in seconds
  • Influence your audience with unique voices that create an instant bond
  • Text To Speech Killer AI Technology


The base price of SoundBeast AI is $19. There are also exciting one-time offers.


OTO 1 – SoundBeast AI – $46 One Time

OTO 2 – SoundBeast AI – $195 One Time

OTO 3 – SoundBeast AI – $64 One Time

OTO 4 – SoundBeast AI – $97 One Time

OTO 5 – SoundBeast AI – $197 One Time

OTO 6 – SoundBeast AI – $297 One Time


Describe SoundBeast AI.

SoundBeast AI is an evolved AI-driven voice cloning and text-to-speech (TTS) platform that lets you create realistic, human-like voices in major global languages. This tool has been developed to replace the need for costly voiceover artists and third-party platforms.

List the key features of SoundBeast AI.

Inexpensive: Forego the high costs associated with engaging voiceover artists.

Dead-Easy Dashboard: Easy to navigate and use in just three clicks.

Voice Replication: Replicate or create a voice that harmonizes with your brand within seconds.

Audience Engagement: Render amazing voices that encourage a strong connection with your audience.

Cutting-edge AI TTS Technology: Use cutting-edge AI for text-to-speech conversions.

What is the price of SoundBeast AI?

The base price for SoundBeast AI is $19. Several one-time offers are available for added features and capabilities.

List the one-time offers.

OTO 1: SoundBeast AI – $46 One Time

OTO 2: SoundBeast AI – $195 One Time

OTO 3: SoundBeast AI – $64 One Time

OTO 4: SoundBeast AI – $97 One Time

OTO 5: SoundBeast AI – $197 One Time

OTO 6: SoundBeast AI – $297 One Time

What technology is working behind voice cloning?

Voice cloning happens once AI analyzes a specific voice audio input. The analyzed voice audio is then used to develop speech similar to the original, or, as it is said, a cloned voice.

In which languages does SoundBeast AI develop voices?

It supports significant languages spoken globally, generating voices in multiple languages.

How does SoundBeast AI help in branding?

Using unique, realistic voices created by SoundBeast AI enhances a brand’s identity and establishes a stronger connection with the target audience. It also helps create a more personalized and engaging user experience.

Is SoundBeast AI user-friendly, and does it require any technical skills?

SoundBeast AI has a powerful yet user-friendly dashboard that makes it easy for anyone to clone or create voices without requiring technical knowledge.

What is the difference between SoundBeast AI and other TTS platforms?

SoundBeast AI is affordable and easy to use, producing highly realistic and human-like voices. It also features complete voice cloning capabilities, unlike many other platforms.

Are there any recurring subscriptions or monthly fees?

There are no recurring subscription fees. SoundBeast AI offers a one-time price of $19 and one-time offers for additional features.


Base Price$19FreePay-as-you-goPay-as-you-goPay-as-you-go
Voice CloningYesNoLimitedLimitedLimited
Languages SupportedMajor global languages30+60+15+75+
User-Friendly DashboardYesYesYesYesYes
Custom Voice CreationYesNoYesYesYes
Text-to-Speech QualityHigh (Human-like)HighHighHighHigh
One-Time Offers (OTO)$46, $195, $64, $97, $197, $297N/AN/AN/AN/A
Integration CapabilitiesAPI, various platformsAPIAPI, AWS servicesAPI, IBM CloudAPI, Azure services
Free Tier AvailabilityNoYesYesYesYes
Customization OptionsExtensiveLimitedExtensiveExtensiveExtensive
Target AudienceBrands, marketers, content creatorsGeneral consumers, developersDevelopers, businessesDevelopers, enterprisesDevelopers, enterprises


SoundBeast AI is known for its text-to-speech and voice cloning products due to its affordability and cutting-edge features. Priced at just $19 for the base product, it presents a cost-effective solution for businesses, marketers, and content creators who desire high-quality, human-like voice amalgam. 

The platform’s powerful, user-friendly dashboard makes it accessible to users without technical expertise. It allows marketers to create or clone voices that match their brand’s identity.

Comparing significant competitors like Google Text-to-Speech, Amazon Polly, IBM Watson TTS, and Microsoft Azure TTS, SoundBeast AI offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art voice cloning capabilities and ease of use. While the competition provides high-quality text-to-speech services and extensive language support, they need comprehensive voice cloning features. 

SoundBeast AI is a robust, versatile, and budget-friendly solution for anyone needing realistic and customizable voices. 

For businesses and individuals looking for a seamless and efficient way to integrate advanced voice technology into their projects, SoundBeast AI offers an attractive alternative to more expensive and less flexible options.

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