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The BigDaddy Of Hosting Is Here!

EverHost AI – Host Unlimited Websites And Domains On Ultra-Fast, Secure Servers At An Unbeatable Low One-Time Price.


The Brand New “AMD EPYC™ CPUs” Technology  Based Hosting  Platform

  • Unlimited Free End-To-End SSL Encryption
  • Super-Fast and Secure Servers for Lightning-Fast Site Loading Speed
  • One-Click WordPress Installation
  • Better & Easy To Use A-Panel (Alternative Panel)
  • And So Much More


The base price of SoundBeast AI is $17. There are also exciting one-time offers.


OTO 1 – EverHost AI Premium – $47 One Time

It is a premium upgrade that releases Titan-Core 10 vCPU, Premium SSL, and ‘NVMe' Storage features with a Commercial License to ensure supreme reliability while improving user experience.

OTO 2 – EverHost AI Max – $47 One Time

Unlock Unlimited Access, Titan-Tier Malware Protection, Automated Backups and File Security. Also, there is a no-limits offer today. Remove All Limits You Currently Have.

OTO 3 – EverHost AI Web Builder – $37 One Time

Over 2,000 Readymade Website Templates For Maximum Attention, Clicks And Conversions. Access State-Of-The-Art Funnel Builder.

OTO 4 – EverHost AI Web Conversion – $37 One Time

One-Click Install Website Magician Will Wrap Your Traffic With Your Marketing Messages And Boost All Your Websites Profits By 3,000%

OTO 5 – EverHost AI SEO Unlimited – $67 One Time

Open the One-Click SEO Optimizer, Optimizing Your Entire Website For Maximum Traffic.

OTO 6 –  EverHost AI Agency – $197 One Time

Create Unlimited Client Accounts And Sell, Give Away Or Rent.

OTO 7 –  EverHost AI Reseller – $97 One Time

Access Our Sales Pages and Funnel. Add Your Brand Name and 100% Of Your Profits For Every Sale, Build Your List, and Enjoy Being An Official Reseller Of EverHost AI.


Define EverHost AI.

EverHost AI is a hosting platform. Host as many websites and domains on ultra-fast, secure servers using the latest AMD EPYC™ CPUs technology. It has end-to-end SSL encryption, super-fast site loading speeds, and a user-friendly A-Panel.

How is EverHost AI different from other hosting services?

EverHost AI uses the cutting-edge AMD EPYC™ CPUs technology for incomparable performance and speed. It provides unlimited SSL encryption for security, one-click WordPress installation, and a user-friendly A-Panel. It has an affordable one-time price for its base service and various effective OTOs.

What is the pricing of EverHost AI?

The price of EverHost AI is $17. Various one-time offers (OTOs) are available for additional features and enhancements.

What are the inclusions in the base package?

It includes unlimited website and domain hosting on ultra-fast and secure servers, free end-to-end SSL encryption, one-click WordPress installation, and pass to the A-Panel.

Describe A-Panel.

A-Panel is an alternative, user-friendly control panel for managing websites and domains. It is designed to be easy to use and efficient.

List the available one-time offers (OTOs) and their additional features.

OTO 1 – EverHost AI Premium ($47 One Time)

   – Titan-Core 10 vCPU

   – Premium SSL

   – NVMe Storage

   – Commercial License

OTO 2 – EverHost AI Max ($47 One Time)

   – Unlimited Access

   – Titan-Tier Malware Protection

   – Automated Backups

   – File Security

   – Unlimited hosting capabilities

OTO 3 – EverHost AI Web Builder ($37 One Time)

   – Over 2,000 website templates

   – State-of-the-art funnel builder

OTO 4 – EverHost AI Web Conversion ($37 One Time)

   – One-click install Website Magician

   – Tools to increase website profits by 3,000%

OTO 5 – EverHost AI SEO Unlimited ($67 One Time)

   – One-click SEO optimizer

OTO 6 – EverHost AI Agency ($197 One Time)

   – Create unlimited clients

   – Sell, give away, or rent hosting services

OTO 7 – EverHost AI Reseller ($97 One Time)

   – Access to sales pages and funnel

   – Add your brand name

   – Keep 100% profits for every sale

What type of servers does EverHost AI use?

It uses super-fast and secure servers with the latest AMD EPYC™ CPUs, guaranteeing high performance and reliability.

Are the servers SSL encrypted?

It provides unlimited free end-to-end SSL encryption for all your websites and domains.

Can WordPress be installed with EverHost AI?

Yes, it features a one-click WordPress installation for easy setup of WP websites.

Is any customer support available?

EverHost AI provides complete customer support to assist.

Can my EverHost AI plan be upgraded later?

Yes, you can purchase any of the one-time offers (OTOs) at any time for additional hosting capabilities and features.

Are there any limits to the number of websites or domains hosted?

No, you can host unlimited websites and domains.


Base Price$17 one-time$2.75/month (intro price)$2.95/month (intro price)$3.99/month (intro price)$2.99/month (intro price)
Unlimited WebsitesYesNo (varies by plan)No (varies by plan)No (varies by plan)Yes (on higher plans)
Free SSLYesYesYesYesYes
Server TechnologyAMD EPYC™ CPUsIntel XeonIntel XeonGoogle CloudSwiftServers
Control PanelA-PanelcPanelcPanelSite ToolscPanel
WordPress InstallationOne-clickOne-clickOne-clickOne-clickOne-click
Premium SSLYes (with OTO 1)Available (additional cost)Available (additional cost)Available (additional cost)Available (additional cost)
Malware ProtectionYes (with OTO 2)Yes (additional cost)Yes (additional cost)Yes (additional cost)Yes (additional cost)
Automated BackupsYes (with OTO 2)Yes (additional cost)Yes (additional cost)Yes (additional cost)Yes (additional cost)
Website Templates2,000+ (with OTO 3)Yes (limited)Yes (limited)Yes (limited)Yes (limited)
SEO OptimizationOne-click (with OTO 5)Yes (additional cost)Yes (additional cost)Yes (additional cost)Yes (additional cost)
Client AccountsYes (with OTO 6)Yes (on higher plans)Yes (on higher plans)Yes (on higher plans)Yes (on higher plans)
Reseller OptionYes (with OTO 7)YesYesYesYes
Customer Support24/724/724/724/724/7
Money-Back Guarantee30 days45 days30 days30 days30 days


The right hosting solution requires carefully evaluating budgets, requirements and features for performance and security.

EverHost AI has very economical and affordable one-time pricing plans, allowing users to bypass recurring monthly or annual fees. It becomes more cost-effective, especially with excellent one-time offers for additional features. EverHost AI uses advanced AMD EPYC™ CPU technology for superior performance and speed. The unlimited hosting capabilities allow any number of websites and domains, which is a significant advantage for businesses with extensive web presence requirements.

EverHost AI has additional spectacular features such as free end-to-end SSL encryption, one-click WordPress installation, and an easy-to-use A-Panel. The platform also provides automated backups, malware protection, and SEO tools.

Comparing traditional hosting providers like HostGator, Bluehost, SiteGround, and A2 Hosting, which usually operate monthly, EverHost AI's pricing model eliminates recurring costs. 

In summary, EverHost AI is an ideal choice for users looking for a cost-effective, feature-rich hosting answer with the comfort of a one-time payment. Its advanced technology, unlimited capabilities, and extensive features make it a powerful competitor versus traditional hosting providers.

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