Tuberank Jeet 6 AI

Your Roadmap To YouTube Success!

Tuberank Jeet has assisted thousands of YouTubers to reach the pinnacle of success with video marketing in the last one decade. AI has made it even more robust and better. Tuberank Jeet is the ultimate SEO software for YouTube.

What Tuberank Jeet does is help users find the best YouTube niches, get traffic estimates, and then work on the best possible optimization to get the best achievable ranking.

Leveraging AI, it can write high-quality titles and descriptions and choose the best keywords and hashtags from the beginning. However, it may re-write and repurpose the research done by your top competitors.

Tuberank Jeet’s AI is a product of professional YouTubers. It was created solely as a valuable research tool to help get the foremost results from YouTube.


  • YouTube SEO: Get perfect titles, descriptions, tags and hashtags.
  • Analysis: Tells which keywords are easy or hard to rank.
  • Fast SEO: Get the exact optimizations needed to rank number one.
  • AI-Research: Provides the best ideas and research with AI integrations.
  • Single Click Optimization: The entire YouTube SEO optimization is done in one click with AI.
  • Analysis: You can Track favorite channels and YouTube videos. Also, you can maintain collections of tags and hashtags.
  • Finds Perfect Niches: It finds the best niches for you that attract traffic and are easy to rank.
  • Find Rankable Topics: It tells you the topics and keywords that can be claimed for a ranking.
  • Competition Research: It tells you the content and the targeting your competition is working with.
  • Breakthrough Ideas: It gives you the content ideas that work and attract traffic.
  • True Traffic Potential: It tells you the traffic potential of any video you wish to make.
  • Long-tail Keywords: It tells you the long-tail, easy-to-rank keywords to be used in your SEO content
  • Perfect Titles: Get the ideal ranking titles with AI-powered research and writing.
  • High-Quality Descriptions: It helps to create descriptions with the right keywords to get a ranking.
  • Perfect Hashtags: Gives you the right traffic hashtags for better discoverability.
  • Keywords And Tags: Ranking Keywords and Tags to get more traffic.
  • Simple To Use: It is straightforward and can get going in minutes.
  • Research: Use AI-powered research for more ideas, topics, keywords and optimizations.
  • For Both PC And Mac Users.
  • Reviewed and tested by YouTube.
  • Approved features and algorithms.
  • White-hat SEO optimization: Rank Without Breaking the Rules
  • Uses the official YouTube API.


The base price of the Tuberank Jeet 6 AI Elite is $37. There are also exciting one-time offers.

  • Works on both Windows and Mac OS
  • Handle Rankings For 3 YouTube Channels
  • Up to 30 AI Algorithm Searches Per Day
  • Unlimited AI Keywords and Hashtags
  • Up to 10 Automatic AI Optimizations Daily
  • Track Up To 20 Channels/Videos
  • Perfect for YouTubers
  • Commercial use license
  • One-time Payment
  • Free Upgrades
  • 24/6 Chat Support


OTO1: Tuberank Jeet 6 AI Pro – $67 One Time 

  • Optimize Unlimited Videos
  • Add Unlimited Channels
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Unlimited AI Optimizations
  • Commercial License
  • GPT Upgrade
  • 2 Years of App Updates
  • Readymade Agency Sales Page
  • Improved Optimizations

OTO2: Tuberank Jeet 6 AI Reseller – $197 One Time

  • Optimize Unlimited Videos
  • Add Unlimited Channels
  • Unlimited Uploads
  • Unlimited AI Optimizations
  • Commercial License
  • GPT Upgrade
  • 2 Years of App Updates
  • Readymade Agency Sales Page
  • Improved Optimizations

OTO3: Tarantula SEO Spider – $67 One Time

  • Unlimited Crawls
  • No Page Limit
  • 30,000 AI Credits Per Month
  • No Sitemap Limit
  • On-Page Auditor
  • Perfect for Professionals
  • Business use license
  • All Features Included
  • Free Upgrades
  • 24/6 Chat Support

OTO4: TubeTarget Pro – $67 One Time

  • Get Quality Traffic: Get quality traffic from YouTube.
  • The Secret Tricks: Powerful, cutting-edge YouTube ad marketing video training.
  • Precise Targeting: Get your targeting 100% accurate for higher conversions.
  • Quick Results: Get measurable results right from day one.

OTO5: Pixci AI Pro – $67 One Time

  • Create images with multiple AI models.
  • Easy accessibility to AI models not available through any website.
  • Accessibility to uncensored models.
  • Save your prompts and use them later.
  • You can now save over 80% when you get Pixci AI instead of getting other AIs separately.
  • Readymade workflows give you perfect images in seconds.
  • Upload an image and modify it.
  • Create, modify and recreate by feeding the creation of one AI into another.
  • Remove backgrounds and modify images with a prompt.
  • Use AI to create images without spending a penny on stock images again.
  • Create images in any style or photorealism.
  • New AIs are being added often.


Will Tuberank Jeet work on Mac?

Yes! It has been ported to Mac and works natively without emulators or special apps.

Is it safe to use Tuberank Jeet?

Yes. It is a 100% safe application. YouTube has inspected it, affirmed it and supported it. All the features are secure to use. It’s 100% white-hat, and channels will not be restricted if Tuberank Jeet is used.

Do I need technical skills to use Tuberank Jeet?

No, you do not have to have technical knowledge to use Tuberank Jeet. It allows you to do YouTube SEO without any knowledge of SEO. Its in-built algorithm gives specific guidance about each step to be followed.

How much of a ranking boost can be expected?

The users of Tuberank Jeet have seen a substantial boost in their content reach and viewership. However, it also depends on your niche and your content.

What results do you have to prove your claims?

Yes. Over 20,000 people are using Tuberank Jeet. It has assisted thousands of YouTubers to get more traffic. There are dozens of success stories. The most striking one is Nishamadhulika, who built a channel with 14.4 million subscribers.

How much time it takes to optimize a video?

The complete optimization happens in minutes. In fact, a one-click AI function can do the entire optimization.

Does Tuberank Jeet do research?

Yes, tuberank jeet can be extensively used in research. Find the best-ranking videos and successful channels and then attune the work they have done to your content. Tuberank Jeet makes it easy for you.

Does Tuberank Jeet support multiple languages?

Yes. Tuberank Jeet’s AI supports over 100 languages, and its research also supports multiple languages. You need to change the settings to the language of your choice and get optimization.

Can it be used to rank other people’s videos?

Sure. If you have an agency plan, then you can use Tuberank Jeet to help other people rank their videos. 


COMMERCIAL USE LICENSEYesYes (with higher tiers)Yes (with higher tiers)No
PRICE$37 one-time$7.50 – $415/month$9 – $49/month$4.90 – $49/month
PLATFORMWindows & MacWeb-based Chrome ExtensionWeb-based Chrome ExtensionWeb-based
LANGUAGE SUPPORT100+ languagesEnglish onlyEnglish onlyEnglish only
CUSTOMER SUPPORT24/6 Chat SupportEmail, ChatEmail, ChatEmail
UPDATES & UPGRADESFree UpgradesRegular UpdatesRegular UpdatesRegular Updates


Tuberank Jeet is a powerful, AI-driven platform for YouTube SEO optimization. Its exclusive features, like AI-powered title and description generation, one-click optimization, comprehensive competitor analysis, and cost-effectiveness, set it apart from the competition. 
It is an irresistible option for YouTube content creators who are looking to optimize their video performance through advanced SEO techniques. It leverages AI for unlimited keywords and hashtags to maximize visibility and audience engagement. One of the striking features is its ability to perform comprehensive competitor analysis. It enables users to work on the best niches and topics. The easy-to-use explicit interface and vigorous support provide accessibility to newbies and experienced YouTubers.
Tuberank Jeet's AI-driven features, user-friendliness, and cost-effective pricing offer a complete solution for enhancing YouTube SEO optimization. Tuberank Jeet provides a robust and user-friendly platform to YouTubers who aim to boost their channel's performance and reach.

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