Harnesses The Power Of AI And Generative Seo To Optimize Google Business Profiles

Adopt GBP Next-Gen For A Simple Yet Powerful Way To Skyrocket Local Rankings And Boost Income.


Comprehensive Training Program-

  • Generative SEO Techniques: Learn the most up-to-date generative SEO techniques to boost Google Business Profiles.
  • AI-Driven Strategies: This training program discusses strategies based on AI tools to improve online visibility and attract more customers.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: Easy-to-follow instructions are suitable for both beginners and experienced marketers.

Services Offered-

  • Profile Optimization: Optimize Google Business Profiles for a more promising online presence.
  • Engaging Content: Create detailed, appealing, engaging content to showcase business expertise.
  • AI-generated Business Profiles: AI tools are leveraged to generate comprehensive and engaging business profiles.


  • No Tech Skills Or Prior Experience Needed: Designed for users with no technical skills or prior experience.
  • Simple Instructions Imparted: Easy-to-follow steps ensure thriving performance.

Globally Applicable-

  • Worldwide Usability: The strategies and techniques can be applied to local businesses worldwide.
  • Regional Adaption: Some generative features are region-specific (e.g., currently dished out in the USA).

No Additional Costs-

  • No extra cost: Important tools and fundamental resource materials are included. The price is all-inclusive.
  • Optional Extras: You may need to pay extra for additional tools, resources, and advanced training. These are, however, optional offers.

Faster Outcomes-

  • Quick Implementation: GBP has the potential to show results within a few days.
  • Constant Efforts: Over time, continued application of strategies yields the best outcomes.

Steadfast Support-

  • Post-Sales Support: Easy accessibility to reliable support for any issues and challenges during the course.
  • Ample Learning Knowledge: The provided support is desired to ensure user success.

Money-Back Guarantee-

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: If you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your purchase, inform us within seven days. A full refund is available. No questions asked.


The base price of WP SmartLinks is $37. There are also some one-time offers.


OTO 1 – Next-Gen Instant Clients – $57-$77 One Time 


  • Get clients effortlessly with the new marketing kit.

OTO 2 – Next-Gen Goldmine – $77-$97 One Time 


  • Convert new clients into monthly income engines using proven methods.


Describe GBP Next Gen.

GBP Next Gen is not another tool making the rounds in the digital domain. It is a training program that guides you on how to assist local businesses in optimizing their Google Business Profiles (GBP) using the latest Generative SEO techniques. The training program attests to improving online visibility and attracting more customers with AI-driven strategies.

What services can I offer my clients using the GBP Next Gen system?

You can offer services such as

  • Optimizing Google Business Profiles
  • Creating engaging content that showcases a business's expertise and trustworthiness
  • Using AI tools to generate detailed and appealing business profiles.

Is this suitable for beginners?

Yes, GBP Next Gen is for both newbies and experienced marketers. The training is step-by-step, making it easy to learn and apply the techniques even without any prior experience.

Is a website required to implement this training system? 

No, you don't need a website to use the GBP Next Gen system. The focus is mainly on optimizing Google Business Profiles and using AI tools to create engaging content and improve online visibility.

I belong to Southeast Asia; can I use it?

The principles and techniques in our GBP Next Gen system can be applied to local businesses anywhere in the world. However, some features of generative search on Google are rolled out in the US for now.

Do I need tech skills to get started?

No special skills are required to get started. The GBP Next Gen training covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques. You need to follow simple instructions and succeed with this program.

Do I need to buy anything other than the course?

No additional investment is necessary. All essential tools and resources are included as part of the course. 

Are there any offers going on?

Yes, some additional offers are also available, including extra tools, resources, and advanced training. These are optional but can further enhance your success with the system.

What is the lead time before I can see the results with GBP Next Gen?

Results can be seen in a few days or may take longer. It varies depending on how quickly the strategies are implemented and the specific businesses. The thumb rule is that consistent efforts and applications of the system will deliver the best results.

Do you provide after-sales support?

Yes, GPB Next Gen provides dedicated support where you get help with any challenges. The course aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience and support to ensure success.

Do you provide a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! We offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Just let us know within seven days of purchase, and we will refund the total amount, no questions asked.


COMPREHENSIVE TRAININGYes, it focuses on generative SEO techniques and AI strategiesYes, it covers fundamental GBP optimization and advanced tipsYes, detailed guide on optimizing Google Business ProfilesYes, it provides tips for complete GBP optimization
PROFILE OPTIMIZATIONYes, step-by-step guidance for optimizing Google Business ProfilesYes, it includes strategies for improving profile visibilityYes, detailed process for setting up and verifying GBPYes, strategies for including relevant data and keywords
AI-DRIVEN STRATEGIESYes, it uses AI tools for content creation and profile generationNo explicit mentionNo explicit mentionNo explicit mention
ENGAGING CONTENTYes, it creates appealing and detailed contentYes, tips on creating compelling contentYes, it emphasizes adding photos and business detailsYes, it encourages adding photos and responding to reviews
BEGINNER-FRIENDLYYes, designed for users with no tech skillsYes, suitable for beginners and experienced usersYes, step-by-step instructions providedYes, detailed tips suitable for all levels
GLOBALLY APPLICABLEYes, with some region-specific featuresYes, applicable to various regionsYes, it applies to both local and broader marketsYes, applicable to different service areas
NO ADDITIONAL COSTSThere is no extra cost for essential tools; optional extras are availableNo information on additional costsNo information on additional costsNo information on additional costs
FASTER OUTCOMESYes, quick implementation and potential for fast resultsYes, it emphasizes timely profile updates and improvementsYes, it discusses quick verification and profile visibilityYes, it highlights the importance of updates and interaction
POST-SALES SUPPORTYes, it provides reliable support for any challengesYes, it includes access to community support and resourcesNo explicit mentionNo explicit mention
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEYes, 7-day satisfaction guaranteeNo information on the money-back guaranteeNo information on the money-back guaranteeNo information on the money-back guarantee
PRICE$37 base price, with additional one-time offersFree resources available, premium courses not specifiedFree articles and resourcesFree tips and guide


GBP Next Gen is a complete training program to optimize Google Business Profiles (GBP). It uses the latest generative SEO techniques and AI-driven strategies. The program provides step-by-step guidance for marketers on how to improve online visibility and attract more customers. The key features of this program are –

  1. profile optimization
  2. engaging content creation
  3. use of AI tools to generate detailed business profiles

The program is globally applicable, with some region-specific features, specifically in the USA.

The program is beginner-friendly and requires no prior technical skills. If implemented correctly, the strategies can give faster outcomes, with potential results visible within a few days. GBP Next Gen provides a satisfaction guarantee and a full refund within seven days if users are unsatisfied. 

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