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AI Genie- Say Goodbye To Your Existing Content Creation Platform


  • ‘Set & Forget' – create websites with remarkable content in just three clicks.
  • Website publishing content 24×7 without ever logging in to chat GPT
  • Open AI does all publishing, content and images to pages on the website
  • No manual work is required; just set keywords and create websites in a jiffy.
  • Unlimited commercial license included to provide red-hot services to clients 
  • 100% newbie friendly and super easy to use
  • Directly deploy a ChatGPT bot on the website that will talk to customers
  • Chat GPT linked search bar on the website lets visitors search and get answers from the AI engine directly. 
  • Google-approved technology for mass blogging 


  • Create wordpress websites with images, content, etc., instantly
  • Get 50 DFY wordpress blogs in 50 different categories
  • Everything within a single platform
  • No manual work: thousands of content and images
  • Your website publishing content round-the-clock
  • Drive loads of leads, conversions, and traffic
  • No Huge Investment: No need to break the bank
  • No tech skills required: no complex coding or designing skills required
  • Sit Back and Relax: AI Genie is an all-in-one platform
  • Zero Risk: 30-day money-back guarantee

Changing The Universe Of “CONTENTOLOGY”

AI Genie –

Is the first and only ‘Google-Approved' software publishing 100% Original, SEO-Friendly Content.

Creates ‘Set and Forget' websites with limitless real-time unique content.

Auto-publishes posts, pages, and images directly from Chat GPT and Gemini.

Get 50 Done-For-Your websites without adding any images and content.

Auto-generated Q&A to give instant answers to visitor queries.

Enter, and Voila-it's done; enter the title, and your content for pages and posts are ready.

Sophisticated Designs and simple for non-tech and tech marketers with training resources.

Generate and Insert automatically generated, visually appealing images per focus keyword and title.

Be in control of the length of the content to be generated.

Select Temperature – control the content's temperature and manage the unpredictability.

Choose from 4 NLMs (Natural Language Modes) to generate content automatically.

AI Genie publishes content that is up to 3000 words directly.

All Benefits for a very economical price.


The base price of AI Genie is $17. There are also some one-time offers.


OTO 1 – $47 One Time 

OTO 2 – $37 One Time 

OTO 3 – $37 One Time 

OTO 4 – $47 One Time 

OTO 5 – $97 One Time 

OTO 6 – $97 One Time 

OTO 7 – $197 One Time 


Are any experience or tech/design skills required to get started?

AI Genie was created for ease of use. It's 100% newbie-friendly and requires no prior design or tech skills. The software is integrated with WordPress and the Open AI API key.

What is the difference between AI Genie and Chat GPT?

With AI Genie, you do not need to log into multiple platforms. It enables business owners to create WordPress websites loaded with content in 3 easy clicks.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

You get a 30-days money-back guarantee. Just inform us, and you get an instant refund.

Is any training included?

AI Genie comes with step-by-step video training that guides you through the process without hassles.

How is AI-Genie different?

AI-Genie is packed with excellent features that have never been offered before. Also, it provides a complete solution, and these features are very economical.

What type of support do you provide?

All you need to do is email us your queries, and we'll respond instantly.


Content Generation✔️ Uses Chat GPT & Open AI for original content✔️ Generates high-quality content using AI✔️ Connects with freelance writers and uses AI❌ Primarily a writing assistant✔️ AI-driven storytelling platform✔️ AI-powered copywriting tool
SEO Optimization✔️ Advanced SEO tools and features✔️ Offers SEO optimization options✔️ SEO-optimized content creation❌ Basic grammar and style improvements❌ Focus on storytelling, limited SEO features✔️ SEO-friendly copy generation
Automated Publishing✔️ Automatically publishes posts, pages, and images❌ Manual publishing required✔️ Connects with CMS for publishing❌ No publishing features❌ No automated publishing✔️ Integrates with CMS for publishing
Image Library Access✔️ Vast library of royalty-free images❌ Limited image support✔️ Limited image resources❌ No image resources❌ No image resources❌ Limited image support
Custom Content Scheduling✔️ Custom schedules for content publication❌ Manual scheduling required✔️ Supports scheduling via CMS❌ No scheduling features❌ No scheduling features✔️ Scheduling options available
Advanced Content Controls✔️ Control over content length, temperature, and randomness✔️ Limited content control options✔️ Controlled via brief specifications❌ No advanced controls✔️ Controls over storytelling parameters✔️ Customizable copy length and tone
Multi-Language Support✔️ Supports multiple languages✔️ Multi-language support available✔️ Supports multiple languages✔️ Grammar support in multiple languages❌ Limited language support✔️ Supports multiple languages
Auto Internal Linking✔️ Automatically creates internal links❌ Manual linking required❌ Manual linking required❌ No internal linking feature❌ No internal linking feature❌ Manual linking required
Content Spinning✔️ Allows spinning of existing content❌ No content-spinning feature❌ No content-spinning feature❌ No content-spinning feature❌ No content-spinning feature✔️ Variations for copy generation
Priority Support✔️ Priority customer support✔️ Priority support available✔️ Priority support available✔️ Priority support for premium users❌ Limited support options✔️ Priority support available
Training Resources✔️ Comprehensive training materials✔️ Extensive training resources✔️ Provides training resources✔️ Writing improvement tools❌ Limited training resources✔️ Provides training resources
Team Collaboration✔️ Supports team collaboration✔️ Team collaboration features✔️ Team collaboration available✔️ Limited collaboration features✔️ Collaboration for storytelling projects✔️ Team collaboration features
Integration with Tools✔️ Integrates with third-party tools✔️ Integrates with various tools✔️ Integrates with multiple platforms❌ Limited to writing tools✔️ Integration with creative tools✔️ Integrates with marketing tools
Analytics Dashboard✔️ Detailed insights and analytics✔️ Analytics for content performance✔️ Analytics for content performance❌ No analytics features❌ Limited analytics features✔️ Performance tracking and analytics
Custom Domain Support✔️ Supports custom domains❌ No custom domain support✔️ Supports custom domains❌ No custom domain support❌ No custom domain support✔️ Supports custom domains
Secure Hosting✔️ Includes secure hosting❌ No hosting features✔️ Provides hosting options❌ No hosting features❌ No hosting features✔️ Provides hosting options
Regular Updates✔️ Regular updates and new features✔️ Regular feature updates✔️ Regular feature updates✔️ Regular software updates❌ Infrequent updates✔️ Regular feature updates
Community Access✔️ Exclusive community for support✔️ Active user community✔️ Community support available✔️ Writing community access❌ Limited community access✔️ Marketing community access


AI Genie is a comprehensive and advanced content creation and publishing tool. At the same time, compared to its competitors, AI Genie offers many features, like

  • Automated content generation
  • Advanced SEO optimization
  • Automated publishing
  • A vast image library
  • Custom content scheduling
  • Detailed analytics
  • Multi-language content support  
  • Auto internal linking
  • Content spinning
  • Priority customer support

AI Genie also provides secure hosting, regular updates, and access to an exclusive community, making it a universal and user-friendly platform for marketers. Its integration of advanced controls, comprehensive training resources, and seamless third-party tools makes it stand above competition. 

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