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Shreyansh Jain is a Consultant turned Digital Marketeer who over the past couple of years have been able to successfully create an existence in the digital marketing world. I have created this website to create a one stop destination for my audience where they can find all the latest lifetime deals on SAAS products.  Over my journey as a digital marketeer I have understood the importance which SAAS products hold and how important it is to get the tool at the correct time to get the first movers’ advantage. In the website an effort has been made to provide honest and factful review which can help the viewers in taking decisions with regarding to purchase of products.

What is CrazyLTDs ?

CrazyLTDS is a platform which will allow its users to get access to the latest lifetime deals available in the market. The users of CrazyLTDS will also have access to honest facts and reviews about the tools and the various levels of upgrades associated with the tools.  Along with honest reviews of the products the viewers will get access to exclusive bonusses which they will be entitled to receive when the tools are being purchased through our affiliate links.

What is Bonus Bonanza Fest

Over the years, I have bought hundreds of SaaS products and one of the biggest disappointment which I have faced is the receiving useless bonusses which is never been used. To overcome this issue, I at CrazyLTDS have introduced exclusive bonus bonanza which is an initiative where the users can handpick their set of bonusses from the exclusive list of bonusses which me and my team has made over the past year. These bonuses can be picked bases on the need of the user and how the user intends to make use of them.

Please note: You will only be entitled to the bonusses when you purchase the product from our link.

Pick your Own Bonus Bonanza

(First Time Ever in Town)

CrazyLtds - The Ultimate SaaS Lifetime Deals Platform

Step 1

   Pick your Best Deal

(you can pick 1 or 2 or 3 or all as well if you like) 

CrazyLtds - The Ultimate SaaS Lifetime Deals Platform

Step 2

Pick 3 Exclusive Bonuses of your Choice (With each purchase) 

=> Click here to explore all the bonuses


CrazyLtds - The Ultimate SaaS Lifetime Deals Platform

Step 3

Mail us your Receipt (Mention Email I'd) and Collect your Bonus

Mail us Here - sj@crazyltds.com


ToolDeal TypePriceCategoryLink
Lifetime$99Canva Alternativehttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/artboard-studio/
BlockSurvery$69Survey Toolhttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/blocksurvery/
Continually$8.5 PMChatbothttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/continually/
Create Studio$67Videohttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/create-studio/
Doodle Maker$49Videohttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/doodlemaker/
FastComet$2.5Web Hostinghttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/fastcomet/
Funneleo.io$27Lead Generationhttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/funneleo/
Glorify 2.0$97Canva alternativehttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/glorify-2/
Groove Funnel$1397Funnel Builderhttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/groove-funnels/
IDPLR$79PLR Websitehttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/idplr/
ISOZign$39ISO Creatorhttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/isozign/
$129Zapier Alternativehttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/pabbly/
PCloud$350Cloud Storagehttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/pcloud/
Proofly$79Conversion Toolhttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/proofly/
Speechelo$47Text to Speechhttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/speechelo/
Sqribble$26.8Ebook Generatorhttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/sqribble-2/
SyndBuddy$56.33SEO Toolhttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/syndbuddy/
Upmetrics$23.99Business Plan Generatorhttps://crazyltds.com/recommends/upmetrics/

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