TubeTrivia AI

The World's First And Only A.I. Viral Video Quiz Builder App

Create 100s of Viral Quiz Videos in Minutes

Highly Engaging Viral Quiz Videos For Social Media In Minutes.


  • Create 100s of Viral Quiz Videos in minutes with a single keyword.
  • It has been designed especially to create quiz videos for social media platforms – YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. It is very engaging!
  • Create “Multiple-Choice” and “This Or That” Quizzes that negages audience from start to finish.
  • Generates quizzes automatically with AI in just one click.
  • Create manually or select from 9 top categories presets.
  • There is a massive library of templates to choose from.
  • A unique feature – generate multiple quiz videos with a single keyword!
  • Select from 5 different difficulty levels for any user to participate.
  • Automatically generate videos from quizzes – auto storyboarding and video creation.
  • A fully equipped video editor lets you customize your Quiz videos often.
  • AI Image Generator – automatically generates images for your Quiz videos.
  • Captivating background music tracks to bring your Quiz videos to life.
  • Add human-like voiceovers with just one click.
  • Multiple video sizes are available for both long and short-form Quiz videos.
  • Automatically translate your Quiz videos into various languages to reach a wider audience.
  • Easy and instant export Videos. Use it wherever you want.


  • Monopolize – Take the 1st-mover advantage and leave the competition behind.
  • One of its kind – Take advantage of only app of its kind.
  • Favourite—Social media algorithms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok push quiz videos to go viral.
  • Multiple Conversions—Audience engagement goes through the ceiling, efficiently driving conversions and sales.
  • Universal – No more language barriers. Infiltrate any market with universally relatable content.
  • Save Efforts, Time and Money – No more brainstorming, designing, or outsourcing hassles. TubeTrivia AI does it all for you within minutes! 
  • No Tech Skills—No technical skills are needed. Enter a keyword and let the robust A.I. technology create engaging quiz videos. It's as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Get Faster Outcomes—See a massive inflow of traffic, followers, and sales within hours of publishing your quiz video.
  • Proven Success—Proven and tested to work, generating tremendous results for you and your clients.
  • Commercial Licence—Become a re-seller of these quiz videos with a commercial licence.


The base price of WP SmartLinks is $17. There are also one-time offers.


OTO 1 – TubeTrivia AI – Pro Edition – $37 One Time 


  • Multiply your traffic and income potential four times with the Pro edition version.
  • Unlimited
    • Campaigns and videos per month
    • Bulk Video Generator
    • AI Image Generator
    • Voiceovers
  • Translate your Quizzes to various other languages
  • 25+ extra video Quiz templates
  • Private viral sharing strategies
  • Use these videos for your clients with commercial licence

OTO 2 – TubeTrivia AI – DFY Edition – $47 One Time 


  • 100% DFY Viral Quiz Videos
  • Segregated under 10 Categories
  • DFY videos to help you get started quickly and easily
  • Commercial rights included

OTO 3 – TubeTrivia AI – EffortlessCPA – $47 One Time 


  • Build extensive mailing lists while generating commissions with no extra effort.
  • Follow our cost-per-action strategies to make daily commissions without selling.
  • Find the best-converting campaigns with proven and tested offers.
  • Find untapped and hidden niches with no competition at all.

OTO 4 – TubeTrivia AI – CopyMachina – $47 One Time 


  • Create emotionally intelligent marketing copy within seconds with AI technology.
  • Multiply your sales ten times in just a fraction of the time with AI-generated copy.
  • Create authentic, context-based, resonating copy that echoes your brand and drives conversions.
  • Save thousands of dollars on copywriting and freelancing fees and tools.

OTO 5 – TubeTrivia AI – Reseller Edition – $47 One Time 


  • Each of your clients will have access to features of TubeTrivia AI
  • Create 50-250 Accounts.
  • For best conversions, we have created sales materials.
  • With one click, you can create client accounts for your reseller dashboard.
  • Get all client support from our end.
  • There are no hidden costs. Low one-time fee


What is TubeTrivia AI?

TubeTrivia AI is an app designed to create hundreds of quiz videos in minutes using a single keyword. It offers automatic quiz generation with AI and supports multiple-choice questions.

How can TubeTrivia AI be used on social media platforms?

TubeTrivia AI creates engaging quiz videos suitable for social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. It automatically generates videos and can add exquisite background music and human-like voiceovers.

Can the quiz videos created with TubeTrivia AI be customized?

Yes, TubeTrivia AI has an in-built, fully equipped video editor that allows customization. It also has a vast library of templates and various difficulty levels to choose from.

Can TubeTrivia AI video be made in multiple languages?

Yes, TubeTrivia AI can automatically translate quiz videos into various languages, allowing a wider audience reach.

Describe the outstanding features of TubeTrivia AI.

– It generates multiple quiz videos using a single keyword.

– It has a powerful AI Image Generator for image creation.

– It has automatic storyboarding and video creation features.

– It can create various video sizes for long- and short-form content.

– It has easy and instant export options.

Are any technical skills required to use TubeTrivia AI?

No technical skills are required. You must enter a keyword, and AI technology creates engaging quiz videos.

How soon can I see the outcomes?

Once you publish your quiz videos, you can see a massive inflow of traffic, followers, and sales within hours.

Can the created quiz videos be resold?

Yes. Once you purchase the commercial license, you can resell the quiz videos you created.

What is unique to TubeTrivia AI?

TubeTrivia AI is the only app with extensive features for creating and automating quiz videos.


Feature/SpecificationTubeTrivia AIQuizBuilder ProVideoQuiz CreatorViralQuiz AISmartQuiz Maker
Base Price$17$20$15$25$19
Automatic Quiz GenerationYesYesYesYesNo
AI-Powered FeaturesYesNoYesYesNo
Manual Quiz Creation OptionYesYesYesNoYes
Number of Quiz Categories957106
Template LibraryYesYesYesYesYes
Difficulty Levels53453
Automatic Video CreationYesNoYesYesNo
Video EditorYesYesYesYesNo
AI Image GeneratorYesNoYesNoNo
Background Music TracksYesYesYesYesYes
Voiceover GenerationYesNoYesYesNo
Multiple Video SizesYesYesYesYesYes
Language TranslationYesNoYesYesNo
Instant ExportYesYesYesYesYes
Proven SuccessYesYesYesYesYes
Commercial LicenseYesYesYesYesYes
Additional One-Time Offers (OTOs)Yes (5 OTOs)Yes (3 OTOs)Yes (4 OTOs)Yes (3 OTOs)Yes (2 OTOs)
Target Social Media PlatformsYouTube, Instagram, TikTokYouTube, FacebookYouTube, InstagramYouTube, Instagram, TikTokYouTube, Facebook
Customer Support24/7Limited24/7Limited24/7


TubeTrivia AI is an AI-powered automatic quiz and video generator. It offers comprehensive features, including voiceovers and multiple language translations. It is a powerful tool for creating quiz videos quickly and easily. It also provides a variety of one-time offers to improve the base product further and engagements.

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