DAX Builder

Build Attractive, Innovative And Super-Fast Business Websites Or Landing Pages Within Seconds

Building a business website is a no-brainer now—the World's First drag-and-drop page Builder with Impeccable AI Technology—no more buying intricate tools or shelling out huge monthly fees. Do not worry if your tech skills are unavailing. Let DAXBuilder do all of that in seconds, yes, just seconds.


  • Create Extraordinary Business Websites That Loads Fully In 0-2 Seconds
  • 2500+ Incredible Ultra Fast Customizable Templates
  • World's First Drag-and-Drop Interface
  • Exquisite Business Websites For You Or Your Clients
  • New Business Website Builder With Robost AI Technology
  • You Can Start Your Website Design Agency
  • No Paying Monthly Recurring Fees
  • No Tech Skills or Coding Experience Required. 100% Beginner Friendly.
  • Impermeable Robust In-built Website Security Feature
  • In-Built Al Assistant Brand & Site Builder Generator
  • In-Built Google Profile Business Website Generator
  • In-Built Business Name Generator
  • Unlimited End-To-End SSL Integration To Protect Business Websites
  • SEO Tools Integration for Optimization & Ultra-fast Search Engine Visibility. Top Position In SERPs
  • Mobile Responsive & GDPR (data protection) Compliant 
  • 100% Cloud-Based – nothing to install or Download
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee


Speed is absolutely vital for your online success in the digital ecosystem. Loading time isn't just a choice anymore; it's a necessity. Even Google has mentioned that site speed is a factor in its ranking algorithm. Studies have confirmed that-

  • There is a 7% reduction in conversions if there is a one-second delay in page loading.
  • A loading time of two seconds or less have on an average a bounce rate of 9%, compared to 38% for websites that take 5 seconds or more.
  • Top-ranking websites on Google load in an average of 1.65 seconds, much faster than the global average.
  • 53% of mobile site visits get abandoned if the loading time is 3 seconds or more. 
  • A deci second delay can reduce conversion rates by 7%
  • 79% of shoppers may not be repeat buyers from the same site again if they were dissatisfied with its speed performance.


  • It ensures your website operates efficiently, maximizing user engagement and conversions.
  • DAXBuilder's lightning-fast loading times keep visitors interested, significantly increasing page views and engagement time.
  • Achieving and maintaining the top spot in search results becomes more attainable with DAXBuilder.
  • It ensures the mobile version is as fast and reliable as its desktop version. It is crucial for capturing over 50% of global web traffic from mobile devices.
  • DAXBuilder minimizes loading times, directly contributing to increased sales and revenue.
  • Ultra-fast-loading websites built with DAXBuilder improve customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and increase continuous business opportunities.
  • DAXBuilder ensures your website looks and functions flawlessly on all devices, so that your audience has optimal viewing experience. We all know that maximum internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Thus, responsive design is crucial. 
  • DAXBuilder's powerful AI generator helps with personalized design recommendations, logos, and color scheme suggestions.
  • DAXBuilder's comprehensive and robust security integration safeguards users' data, website content, and transactions from potential threats and vulnerabilities.
  • To protect your and your client's websites, DAXBuilder ensures that all data transmitted is encrypted to enhance security and foster trust.
  • The demand for web development services is roaring, with an expected industry growth rate of 18% in 2024. DAXBuilder can help you capitalize on this phenomenon.
  • With DAXBuilder's  AI Integration, you no longer need to do all the work manually. With just a click, AI creates beautiful and ultra-fast business websites and landing pages for you and your clients on complete autopilot.
  • Built-in web optimization tools help you create hundreds of unique business websites by inserting your clients' keywords.


The base price of DAXBuilder is $17. It also offers various plans.


OTO 1 – DAXBuilder Unlimited


  • Lite: $67
    • Unrestricted accessibility to the core features
  • Gold: $147
    • Full access to premium features, priority support, and additional tools

OTO 2 – DAXBuilder DFY (Done-For-You) Version

60 SECS TO 1-2-3

  • Lite: $147
    • Pre-designed elements
    • Customized choices
  • Gold: $197
    • Complete DFY setup
    • Advanced customization and fusing services

OTO 3 – DAXBuilder Automation Version


  • $67
    • Automation tools and Metrics insights
    • Workflow automation
    • Integration with multiple social media platforms

OTO 4 – DAXBuilder Limitless Traffic Edition


  • Lite: $197
    • Traffic generation tools integration
    • Training in traffic generation strategies
  • Gold: $147
    •  Advanced traffic generation tools and strategies
    • In-depth  traffic generation training
    • Premium support

OTO 5 – DAXBuilder Agency


  • Lite: $97
    • Total access for overseeing 100s of websites 
    • Full Integration of CRM tools
  • Gold: $167
    • Comprehensive agency toolkit 
    • Full Integration of CRM tools
    • Premium support

OTO 6 – DAXBuilder Franchise Edition


  • Lite: $97
    • Unrestricted rights to sell and use DAXBuilder
    • Support and Training
  • Gold: $147
    • Comprehensive Franchise Package
    • Complete support and marketing materials

OTO 7 – DAXBuilder DFY Blogs with Whitelabel


  • Lite: $67
    • DFY blog templates
    • Whitelabel rights
  • Gold: $97
    • Advanced DFY blogs with full customization rights
    • Full rebranding and reselling rights
    • Additional support

OTO 8 – DAXBuilder Whitelabel


  • $197
    • Complete reselling rights 
    • Full rights to rebrand and resell the product as your own
    • Complete support and accessibility to all features


  • Sales funnels for eCom products
  • Sales page templates for Print-on-Demand offers
  • Landing Pages for software and digital products
  • Webinar registration and thank you pages
  • Lead capture pages
  • Website templates for local businesses
  • Fancy website templates for Bloggers
  • Membership and subscription website templates
  • And many, many more!


Do I need any technical experience?

No technical knowledge or coding experience is required. All you need is a stable internet connection.

Are there any monthly costs associated with DAXBuilder?

If you decide to buy now, there will be NO monthly charges. If you decide later, you may pay $997/mo.

How long before I start making money?

80% of the users started selling the day they got DAXBuilder access. It depends on how good you are at selling.

Does anything else need to be purchased apart from DAXBuilder to start?

None at all. Dax Builder comes as a complete package. 

What if it does not work?

It has to be miserable if it does not work or you fail. But do not worry. We have you covered. If you tried Dax Builder and failed, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase, and every penny of yours will be refunded.

Is this compatible with PC, Mac, Android And iOS?

Yes, it is. Works with any device

Do you provide Support & Training?

Yes. You get immediate access to the training portal and the 24/7 help desk, as soon as you’ve made the purchase.


DAXBuilder is known in business circles for its ease of use and powerful funnel creation tools. Through its different one-time offers, it provides various options for a wide range of features. In agency circles, it is one of the most desired tools. It's ideal for businesses needing an all-in-one solution. For those looking for specific functionalities like DFY services, automation, and whitelabel options, DAXBuilder is the first choice.

PRIMARY FOCUSAutomated marketing, sales funnels, lead captureSales funnels, marketing automationLanding pages, lead captureAll-in-one marketing platform
KEY FEATURESAutomated campaigns, DFY services, whitelabel optionsDrag-and-drop funnel builder, email marketing, A/B testingDrag-and-drop builder, conversion-optimized templates, A/B testingEmail marketing, funnel creation, membership sites, CRM
STARTING PRICE$17 (one-time offer)$97/month$37/month$99/month
HIGHEST PLAN PRICE$197 (one-time offer)$297/month$79/month$199/month
PROSVersatile OTOs, a comprehensive toolsetUser-friendly, extensive templates, strong communityAffordable, easy-to-use, robust integrationsComprehensive tools, robust automation, good integrations
CONSPricey for small businesses; look for details on OTOsExpensive, limited design flexibilityLimited customization, fewer features than competitorsComplex setup, higher price point
EASE OF USEModerate (varies by OTO)HighHighModerate
TARGET USERSMarketers needing automation, varied featuresBusinesses needing robust funnel toolsSmall businesses, entrepreneursBusinesses needing an all-in-one solution
FREE TRIALDepends on OTOYes (14 days)Yes (14 days)Yes (14 days)
SUPPORTVaries by OTO (includes premium support options)Priority support for higher plansStandard and priority support optionsComprehensive support

In Passing…

“Nothing worth having comes easy. Relationships (of all kinds) take work. Customers take work. Building a team takes work. If it's easy, it's often not worth having and almost never a competitive advantage.”Rand Fishkin, Founder and CEO of Moz.com (focused on building software for marketers) 

You need an armoury of strong capacities to get customers and have that competitive advantage. One of the most robust arsenals you can have is DAXBuilder. 

In today's digital world, where every click counts and every quality lead is gold, you need an ally, a trusted architect, to draw up the blueprint of your success. DAXBuilder fits that role perfectly.

DAXBuilder is a versatile tool offering DFY (Done-For-You) services to limitless traffic solutions and even full white label rights. It gives you marketing ammunition aplenty. With DAXBuilder, tedious manual tasks are a passe.

From excellent websites to captivating landing pages to dynamic sales funnels, DAXBuilder provides all you wish for as a marketer, a business person or an agency owner.

“Future-proofing your brand isn't about predicting the future; it's about creating it. By embracing innovation, agility, and a relentless commitment to customer-centricity”– Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Internet personality.

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