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Clone Yourself With AIDuals

Free yourself to focus on growing your business. Let AIDual handle your customer support, content creation, social media, and more.


  • AIDuals is a revolutionary tool for local businesses, marketers, and professionals who wish to multiply their productivity. 
  • It creates an AI clone that handles monotonous, time-consuming tasks such as customer support, content creation, email management, and many more. 
  • AIDuals allow for having not a single clone but 100s of clones. Each clone can think, talk, read, and write like you. 
  • It capacitates the expansion of your business, engagement, and growth. It also allows you to monetize the service by selling AI cloning to others.
  • Upload your data with just a few clicks and see for yourself how AIDuals create a sophisticated, AI-driven clone of yourself—seamlessly emulating your personal interaction style.

It feels like engaging 100s of Hard-Working Digital AI clones to manage your Digital Marketing Agency's work, promoting your products and services, and working round the clock on autopilot!


A magician in the domain of AI, combining the magic of technology with practicality. Complete automation facilitates your digital tasks effortlessly. Let’s look at how it works.

  • Collecting Data: AIDuals first gather your communication data. Data such as emails, texts, social media posts and voice recordings. Data collection is vital to capture your unique communication style and characteristics. It allows AI to reproduce and replicate this style with precision.
  • Analyzing The Collected Data: The next step is to analyze the collected data using an NLP (natural language processing) method. The analysis revolves around understanding conventions in language, tone, typical responses, and even the user's specific peculiarities in communication. It is crucial as it constructs the basis of AI clones' interaction. The user's personal touch is essential.
  • Training The AI Model: Once the data is analyzed, AIDuals gets down to training the AI model to match up with the user by engaging machine learning algorithms. This process results in the AI model that predicts and generates responses. These responses sound like they come from the user by maintaining a natural and personalized interaction style.
  • 3D Characterization: Simultaneously, AIDuals also develop a 3D animated character similar to the user's digital clone. The 3D character is per user specifications or using similar customizable generic templates. The animated character uses AI-driven techniques to mimic human gestures and expressions. The realism of the interactions is essential.
  • Integrations: Once the 3D character comes to life, it is time to integrate the AI clone into desired platforms like websites, mobile apps, or other digital marketing channels. Here, users can tailor the clone's settings, including its behavior, interaction with various queries, customer support, content creation, etc.
  • The Final Step: The AI clone is now ready to be deployed. It can start interacting with real people, handle assigned tasks, and engage users.

Voila, the 3D Animated Clone behaves just like you!


Commercialization: Monetize your AI interactions by obtaining an AIDuals Commercial Usage License. With this, you can start a digital agency business under your own brand.

Create Clones For Your Clients: With AIDuals, you can create a distinct AI clone of your clients. 

Create 100 Clones: AIDuals gives you the capability to create up to 100 unique clones. Now, scale up your operations targeting different markets or services. Each clone operates independently to maximize your reach.

Clone Interactions In Multiple Languages: Offer your services to a global audience. AI clones from AIDuals can communicate in multiple languages. Eliminate language barriers.

Voice & AccentType: You can further personalize your clone to match specific voices and accents. It enhances the authenticity of clone interactions.

Monthly Credits: To manage your AI clones and to keep them active, you receive 10,000 monthly credits.

Clone Behavior: You can customize your AI clones' behavior and interactions per the desired customer service, marketing tactics, or personal engagement strategies.

Clone Goals: It is a winner. Now, set specific objectives for each AI clone towards achieving targeted lead generation, customer support, or sales results.

Clone URLs: To make them easily accessible and share their capabilities through direct links, you can generate unique URLs. 

Brand Recognition With Own Logo: Incorporate your business logo and customize your AI Clone's avatar. It boosts brand recognition and user trust.

Working Hours: Do AI Clones get tired? :)~ You can set active hours for your AI Clones. It can align its operational timings with your business hours.

Response Length: To keep the communication concise and to the point, or detailed and informative, you can control the length of responses generated by the clones.

Expand Clone's Learning: To deeply understand industry-specific communication strategies, you can import learning data directly from websites, YouTube, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Apart, you can expand its learnings further by uploading a range of document types, images, videos, and audio files.

Welcome Messages: Set up custom greeting messages for more personalization.


The base price of AIDuals is $47. There are various packages also available.


OTO 1 – AIDuals Ultimate – $67 One Time 


The Unlimited-

  • Clones – 100 New Each Month
  • Credits – 50,000 Credits Monthly
  • Clone Embedment On Websites
  • Clone Embedment On Mobile Apps
  • Custom Domain URLs For Clones
  • Create 3D Clone Avatars
  • Upload Data for Cloning
  • Voice Conversation Credits. – 50,000 Credits Monthly
  • History – All History Is Saved Forever
  • Working Hours – Clones Available 24/7×365

Timely Action Bonuses (respond before it disappears)-

  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
  • Free Cloud-Storage
  • Viral Traffic Training
  • YouTube LeadGen App
  • Underground Traffic Sources

OTO 2 – AIDuals Plus – $57 One Time 


  • 50+ Languages For Chat
  • 10+ Languages For 2-way Conversation
  • Auto Language Detection Based On Visitor’s Country
  • Rebrand AI Clone 
  • 256-bit Encryption 
  • 100+ New One-Click Tasks – DFY

Timely Action Bonuses (respond before it disappears)-

  • No Monthly-Payment
  • AIDualsGFX
  • AIDuals Traffic
  • AIDuals Pages
  • Easy Video Sales Pages

OTO 3 – AIDuals Enterprise – $57 One Time 


  • Agency Whitelabel
  • Reseller, LeadFinder, Team Members Access
  • Client Account Access, Client Previewer, Cold Emailing
  • Readymade Website and DFY
  • Promotional Videos DFY
  • 5 Years of Website Hosting
  • Client Contracts
  • Client Lead Magnets
  • 100+ DFY FB Ad + Copy Templates
  • Advertisement Credits Upto $1000

Timely Action Bonuses (respond before it disappears)-

  • Enterprise Social Media DFY Content
  • Instant Web Graphics


Define AIDuals.

It is a next-gen AI tool that creates digital clones to manage various digital tasks. These AI clones can mimic distinctive communication styles.

How does it work?

It compiles communication data (emails, texts, social media posts, voice recordings) and uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to analyze the data accordingly. 

What are the key features?

– Create up to 100 AI clones.

– Customizable Communication:

– 3D Characterization

– Multi-Language Support

– Voice & Accent Customization

– Easy Integration on multiple platforms

What are the tasks AIDuals can handle?

It manages customer support, content creation, email management, social media interactions, and other repetitious digital tasks.

Can I upload my data to AIDuals?

Yes, you can upload your data with a few clicks, which helps the AI clone to emulate your communication style.

Can I earn from AIDuals?

Yes, you can do so by obtaining a commercial usage license to create AI clones for your clients and charge for the services.

How many AI clones can I create?

AIDuals allows you to create up to 100 unique AI clones, depending on your chosen package.

How secure is my data?

AIDuals uses 256-bit encryption, thus protecting your communication and interactions.


AIDuals has excellent advanced features like AI cloning, 3D character representation, and comprehensive digital task automation. It is a robust tool to improve productivity and customer engagement.

COMMERCIAL LICENSEYesNoYes (Business Plan)Yes (Enterprise Plan)Yes (Agency Plan)
PRICE$47 (Base), $67 (Ultimate Add-On)API Pricing VariesStarts at $29/monthStarts at $35/monthStarts at $12.67/month
EASE OF USEHighHighHighHighHigh
IDEAL FORBusinesses, Marketers, AgenciesDevelopers, BusinessesMarketers, BusinessesMarketers, BusinessesMarketers, Businesses


AIDuals is an ideal tool for businesses that seek robust, secure, and interactive AI solutions to automate and promote various digital tasks.

Its comprehensive and advanced features make it an adaptable choice for businesses, marketers, and agencies. Possibilities with AIDuals are-

  • AI Cloning
  • 3D Character Representation
  • Voice & Accent Customization
  • Email and social media management
  • Customer support automation
  • Content creation
  • Data Security

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