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AI Video Builder FX – AI-driven video creation tool to channelize and enhance the video production process.



AI Video Builder FX is a cutting-edge AI-driven video creation tool designed to streamline and enhance the video production process. It leverages a smooth drag-and-drop editing feature, making it ideal for marketers, content creators, and businesses seeking to create professional videos quickly and efficiently.

Some striking features:

  • Easy to use: AI Video Builder FX offers intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, even for those without extensive video editing experience.
  • Customizations: Customize various elements of videos, including aspect ratios, motion intensity, camera angles, and sizes.
  • Libraries and Templates: AI Video Builder FX comes with extensive libraries of stock images, videos, and music, as well as various pre-designed templates.
  • AI Refinements: Features such as automatic subtitle generation and voice cloning are commonly available.
  • Affordable: AI Video Builder FX provides features and incredible customization options at an affordable cost.

AI Video Builder FX represents a significant advancement in video production technology, making it a valuable tool to improve video content creation abilities.


  • Commercial License: Create Videos for Your Clients and Keep 100% of the Profit.
  • 100+ Premium Templates: Choose from 100+ Templates in Multiple Niches.
  • Auto Voiceover: Using the power of AI, convert text into Human-sounding Voiceovers. 
  • Music: 100+ Premium Music to Add in One-Click.
  • Drag and Drop Editor: Smooth Drag and Drop Editor with 100+ Features.
  • Animation: Animate Images, Shapes, and Videos in One Click.
  • Media Library: Upload Your Assets with Easy Media Library Integration.
  • AI Subtitle Engine: to Transcribe Any Audio into Subtitles.
  • Stock Integration: Over 3 million searchable stock Images, Videos, GIFs, and Shapes.
  • Upload Your Images, Videos and Music.
  • Image and Video Masking, Filters and Overlays.
  • Multilingual Support.
  • 500+ Fonts to Choose From.
  • Advanced Layer Management.
  • 30+ Ready-to-Use Text Blocks.
  • Attention-grabbing Social Posts, Ads and Banners.
  • Complete Workflows.
  • One Click Download and Sharing.
  • Drag Clipper: Select and highlight the winning parts of your video.
  • One Click Brand Identities: To Personalize Videos in One Click.
  • Resizing Videos: Convert any video for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Podcasts, and more.
  • Multiple Format Videos: Supports Video in any format- ideal for Reels, Stories, Ads, Posts and More in HD.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard– Complete Analytics on your Dashboard.
  • 100% Mobile Optimized.
  • 128-bit SSL Encryption for Maximum Security of Data and Files.
  • No expensive domains or hosting are required. Everything is hosted on Lightning Fast servers.
  • 100% ADA, GDPR – SPAM Free Compliant.
  • No Coding, Design or Tech Skills Needed.
  • Step By Step Video Training.
  • 100% Newbie friendly.
  • Business Days Customer Support (Mon-Fri).
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • BONUSES WORTH $1,988 FREE!!!


The base price of AI Video Builder FX is $37. There are also some one-time offers.

AI Video Builder FX designates a substantial advancement in video production, allowing users to create high-quality, professional videos with minimal effort and technical knowledge.

  • No Tech Skills
  • No Experience
  • No Coding
  • No Hosting Required
  • AI Lead Score Technology
  • Direct Emailing to Prospects
  • Potential Client Value Determination
  • Foot-In-The-Door Service Recommendations
  • PDF Reports




  • Unlimited
  • Workspace
  • Social Media Videos
  • Videos
  • Video Renders
  • Campaigns
  • Video length
  • HD Rendering
  • 200+ Exclusive New Pro Templates
  • Commercial License
  • Unlock Premium Fonts
  • 10 Brand Identities
  • Faster Video Rendering
  • Attention-grabbing Social Posts, Ads and Banners
  • No paying monthly subscriptions to Third Parties
  • No Prior Tech or Marketing Skills Needed
  • Works Smoothly With All Video Software Programs
  • Works Seamlessly For All Niches and Business Types
  • Save Hours of Precious Time and Money
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • One-time payment
  • Exclusive Support
  • Regular Monthly Updates
  • No Limitations – Completely Free
  • Affordable cost



  • Convert Videos into ‘Google WebStories' with just one click
  • Millions of Organic Google Traffic
  • Achieve higher rankings on Google and attract maximum traffic
  • Boost your website ranking on search engines
  • Get traffic from multiple social media platforms
  • Make money from your Web Stories
  • Share your Web Stories and benefit from faster loading times
  • Better traffic compared to Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube for free
  • Exclusive Support
  • Regular Monthly Updates
  • Enterprise License To Serve Unlimited Clients
  • Unparallel price



  • Unlimited Video Creator: Create unlimited attention-grabbing videos from dated videos
  • 100+ Premium Templates to choose from in multiple niches.
  • AI Subtitle Engine: Transcribe Any Audio into Subtitles
  • Audio wave Generator: Generate and hardcode audio waves right inside the video.
  • Drag Clipper: Select and highlight the winning part of your video.
  • One-Click Brand Identities: Personalize videos in One-Click.
  • Media Library: Upload Assets with Media Library Integration.
  • Stock Assets: Over 3 Million searchable Stock Photos and Videos.
  • Resize Videos: Convert any video to FB, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, podcasts, and other platforms.
  • Multiple Format Videos: Produce Videos in any format in HD for Reels, Stories, Ads, Posts, and More.
  • Commercial License for 100% profit
  • Affordable pricing

OTO 4 –  




  • Serve Unlimited Clients With Agency License
  • Build Your Online Business by selling AI Video Builder FX
  • Start A Video Builder Agency In Seconds
  • No Overhead, No Dealing With Programmers
  • Directly Provide Top Notch AO Video Creation Services 
  • Charge Monthly or Recurring Fee For 100% Profits
  • Agency Whitelabel (Rebranding)
  • Single Dashboard for all client accounts in 3 Simple Clicks
  • No Startup Costs, Server Costs or Support Costs
  • Add New Clients with a Click
  • Easily Manage All Your Clients
  • Delete Clients in Case of Non-Renewals/Cancellations
  • Sell One Time or Sell Monthly. ​
  • Entirely Cloud-Based Platform – No Domain, Hosting or Installation Required
  • Assign Clients to a Specific Workspace
  • Accurate Analysis of Client's Activities For Effective Monitoring
  • Dedicated Support To You and Your Clients
  • Chat Support Directly From Software
  • DFY Team Management Panel—You can manage all your clients and teams from a single dashboard, allowing you complete control.
  • Workspace Management System to Manage Your Clients Plans and Permissions 
  • One-Time Payment – No Recurring, Monthly or Yearly Fee
  • Affordable Costs


Define AI Video Builder FX.

It is an AI-driven video creation tool developed to streamline and boost the production process. Its smooth drag-and-drop editing feature makes it ideal for marketers, content creators, and businesses that seek professional-looking videos quickly and efficiently.

State the key features of AI Video Builder FX.  

Some of its amazing features are

– Easy-to-use interfaces

– Customization options for numerous video elements

– Vast libraries of stock images, videos, and music

– Pre-designed templates

– Automatic subtitle generation and voice cloning

– Affordable pricing

Will AI Video Builder FX help my business?

AI Video Builder FX can help your business by permitting you to create professional and engaging video content quickly. It'll enhance your marketing actions, improve customer engagement, and propel sales.

What are the technical skills required to use AI Video Builder FX? 

AI Video Builder FX is designed to be user-friendly, so no technical skills are required. The drag-and-drop editor also makes it easily accessible to beginners and experienced users.

Can I do customizations with AI Video Builder FX?

Yes, you can customize aspect ratios, motion intensity, camera angles, and sizes. The software also offers tools for animating images, shapes, and videos.

Are there any built-in Video templates?

AI Video Builder FX has over 100 exceptional templates across multiple niches, making it easy to start creating professional videos quickly.

How affordable is AI Video Builder FX?

The base price of AI Video Builder FX is $37. Additional one-time offers (OTOs) are available for advanced features and functionalities.

What are the advanced features available?

AI Video Builder FX offers various advanced features like:

– Auto voiceover conversion

– AI subtitle engine

– Stock integration with over 3 million images, videos, GIFs, and shapes

– Multilingual support

– Advanced layer management

Is there a money-back guarantee available?

A 30-day money-back guarantee is offered.

What are the security features of AI Video Builder FX?

It is 100% mobile optimized and uses 128-bit SSL encryption for maximum security. 

Is customer support available?

Yes, AI Video Builder FX provides business-day customer support (Monday through Friday), ensuring users can get help whenever needed.


EASE OF USEUser-friendly drag-and-drop editorEasy-to-use interface with drag-and-dropIntuitive drag-and-drop editorSimple drag-and-drop video maker
CUSTOMIZATIONSAspect ratios, motion intensity, camera angles, sizesCustomizable templates, text, colors, animationsAdd subtitles, text, draw, annotations, effectsCustomizable templates, text overlays, music
STOCK LIBRARIES AND TEMPLATESExtensive libraries of stock images, videos, and music; 100+ premium templatesLibrary of over 5,000 templates, stock footageExtensive stock library and templatesPre-built storyboards, stock library
AI FEATURESAutomatic subtitle generation, voice cloningText-to-video, automatic text-to-speechAI video generation from text, auto subtitlesAI-powered editing features
PRICINGBase price $37, OTOs $77 eachStarts at $15/month, Business plan $30/monthFree basic plan, Pro plan at $12/monthFree plan, Professional plan at $33/month
SUPPORTED FORMATSMultiple formats for social media, HDVarious formats for social media, HDSupports multiple video formatsVarious video formats for social media
CUSTOMER SUPPORTBusiness days support (Mon-Fri)24/7 live chat support24/7 support availableEmail and chat support
SECURITY128-bit SSL encryption, ADA and GDPR compliantGDPR-compliant, data encryptionData encryption, GDPR compliantSecure data handling, GDPR compliant
MOBILE OPTIMIZATION100% mobile optimizedFully optimized for mobile useMobile friendly interfaceOptimized for mobile use
MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE30-day money-back guarantee14-day money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee14-day money-back guarantee


AI Video Builder FX is a versatile tool developed to streamline the video creation process, serving the priorities of users who seek efficiency and simplicity. Its powerful features contain various templates, animations, and customization options, entrusting users to effortlessly develop visually attractive videos.

AI Video Builder FX democratizes video presentations, eradicating the need for advanced technical skills or comprehensive resources. The vast template library offers users many starting points, varying from promotional videos to educational content and everything in between. These templates serve as a starting point for users to build extraordinary narratives, ensuring a smooth and efficient outcome process.

Customization is one of the most robust features of AI Video Builder FX, empowering users to customize every aspect of their videos to serve their brand identity or personal choices. From modifying colors and fonts to incorporating logos and overlays, the platform offers exceptional flexibility, allowing users to create custom-made content.

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