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Stuck With Old School Sales, Leadgen And Customer Engagement Methods?

You, Too, Can Boost Your Bottom Line With AiChatAgents' Ultimate Solutions For Businesses.

AiChatAgent is designed to handle real-time sales and support inquiries and collect crucial lead data 24/7. Its smooth integration with existing CRM systems enables personalized data collection. With support from over 3,000 integrations, it improves efficiency and customer involvement. 


  • Round-the-clock Availability: AiChatAgents are available 24/7, ensuring no conversion opportunity is missed, and every customer query is handled instantly.
  • Smooth Integration: A single line of code and AiChatAgent gets easily be integrated into any website. It's quick and easy.
  • Custom Branding: To enable consistent customer experience, AiChatAgent can be tailored to mirror a brand's distinctive voice and style.
  • Improved Training Features: Train AiChatAgents easily to give accurate customer query responses. This unparalleled expertise can be developed by uploading documents, books, and websites.
  • Customer Prospecting and Capture: Driving customers through the sales pipeline, AiChatAgents can independently capture leads and optimize interactions.
  • Wide-Ranging Integrations: For improved lead management and workflow efficiency, AiChatAgents seamlessly integrates over 3000 tools and platforms, including leading CRM systems. 
  • Instant Data Insights: AiChatAgents provides thorough insights through detailed analytics to help users make data-driven informed decisions and continuously improve their performance. 
  • Economical: Pay, integrate, forget. With a one-time payment option, you can use it for a lifetime and avoid monthly costs. AiChatAgent provides scalable solutions for customer engagement.
  • Multilingual Support: AiChatAgent allows for communication with customers globally by offering support in multiple languages.
  • Automated Interaction Control: AiChatAgents' versatility allows for handling customer inquiries, providing support, and following up on leads without human intervention.
  • Heightened Customer Delight: Prompt responses and high-quality interactions increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Flexible Webhook Linkage: Send leads easily with customizable fields to platforms like GoHighLevel or Zapier through webhook integrations. It ensures smooth data flow and improved lead management.  
  • Bespoke Data Harvesting: Custom instructions can be given on when and how to prompt customers to share their email addresses and names. It helps optimize lead generation efforts and improve data accuracy.
  • Convertlead CRM Embedment: To streamline CRM processes and boost efficiency, it can easily be integrated with Convertlead CRM to send generated lead or customer data directly. 
  • Customization, Setup, and Embedment: AiChatAgents provides hassle-free customization, setup, and embedment. User-friendly interfaces and explicit instructions lead to effortless customization, set-up integrations, and embedment of chat widgets on your website or platform within minutes. It saves time and streamlines the workflow.
  • Branding: To ensure smooth brand integration and enhanced brand perception, you can customize every element of the chat widget's appearance. You may easily upload logos, change colors, and even change button texts. 
  • Particular Greeting Instructions: A personalized and welcoming interaction improves customer satisfaction and engagement. You can give specific instructions on how to greet your customers.
  • Conversational Engagement: To engage with customers in a human-like manner, you can utilize advanced AI capabilities. Understanding and responding to queries naturally will promote genuine connections and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Robust Agent Training: You can upload instruction documents and train your agents with all relevant information. Empower them to use this knowledge intelligently during chat conversations. It enormously improves customer interactions.
  • Conversation Monitoring In Real Time: Monitor conversation history in real-time and assess your agents' performance live. It enables quick adjustments and ensures consistent, quality customer service.
  • OpenAI API Integration: Use your OpenAI (ChatGPT) API key to unlock limitless potential. It will empower your ChatAgents with advanced AI capabilities and maximize their effectiveness.
  • Easy Widget Arrangements: Embedding AiChatWidget is as easy as 1-2-3. You can do it anywhere online with a simple copy-and-paste line of code. You will be expanding your reach and engagement.


The base price of AiChatAgent is $37. It also offers various plans.


OTO 1 – AiChatAgent Pro – $97 One Time or $47/monthly 


  • Unrestricted AI Bots: To ensure scalability for any business size, many AI agents can be deployed to handle unlimited customer interactions. 
  • Infinite AI Text: With tailored OpenAI (Chat GPT) integration, unlimited AI conversations can be added with no word limits, ensuring comprehensive and detailed interactions.
  • Unrestricted Document Uploads: You can upload unlimited documents to allow the AI to continuously learn, adapt, and expand its knowledge base.
  • OpenAI API Linking: Integrate your own OpenAI API key for maximum flexibility and control over your AI’s capabilities.
  • Specialized Role Training: To ensure an expert handles each interaction, you can create specialized AI agents for different roles (sales, support, feedback collection).
  • Enhanced Performance: AI agents must provide the highest level of sophistication and intelligence in their interactions. Customized OpenAI integration can achieve this.
  • Extensive Knowledge Base: AI agents have access to a vast pool of knowledge to provide accurate and insightful responses to complex queries.
  • Flawless Integration: Transitioning to AI-powered engagement is smooth and hassle-free, as integrating existing systems is easy.
  • Selling AI Agents: You can create a new revenue stream and add value to your business by selling AI agents to clients.

OTO 2 – ProspectorIN – $67 One Time


  • OSINT AI Technology: Discover and extract high-quality leads from LinkedIn using advanced open-source intelligence.
  • AI-Verified Emails: AI-verified decision-maker emails can reduce bounce rates, improve outreach success rates, and achieve 99.9% accuracy.
  • Real-Time Lead Collection: Collect leads in real-time. You will have the freshest and most relevant data to work with.
  • AI Lead Scoring: To save time, increase efficiency, and improve lead score using AI. You can prioritize the most promising opportunities.
  • Chrome Extension: Use the AI-powered Chrome extension to collect leads quickly and efficiently. Hours of manual work can be done in minutes.
  • One-Click Outreach: To enhance your outreach efficiency, you can engage with leads directly from the platform using pre-loaded scripts.
  • Detailed Leads: You can augment leads with additional data such as company names, addresses, etc. It provides a comprehensive profile for each lead.
  • Built-In Tools: Website Presence Check and lead export integrations help streamline your lead generation workflow.
  • Only One-Time: With a one-time payment, you can avoid monthly recurring costs and get unlimited access to the tool’s unique features.
  • Interface: The AiChatAgent’s interface is automatic.  The easy-to-browse feature makes it approachable to users with varying technical expertise.
  • Money-back Guarantee: A 30-day money-back risk-free is a boon with this guarantee. No tension; go ahead and try the tool hassle-free.

OTO 3 – Prospectr FB Edition – $67 One Time


  • Real-Time Leads: It accesses high-quality leads from the massive Facebook database. Keep your database updated with fresh, current data. 
  • AI-Enriched Leads: Use AI to enrich each lead with detailed information and make your outreach more effective.
  • AI Lead Scoring: Quickly identify the most valuable leads and optimize your sales efforts with the AI-driven lead scoring feature.
  • Direct Outreach: You can engage directly with prospects from the dashboard via text, phone, or email. It helps in streamlining your communication process.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface ensures quick adoption and is effective. It is of great help to people without any technical skills.
  • Reports and Proposals:  The built-in AI assistant can generate tailored reports and proposals. It dramatically enhances your sales pitch.
  • Targeted Leads:  Double your sales potential by focusing on quality leads or prospects genuinely interested in your services.
  • One-Time Payment: Enjoy lifetime access—no hassle of recurring monthly fees. It effectively controls lead generation costs, 
  • Lead Management: Manage and organize leads efficiently to save time and avoid costly blunders.
  • Versatile Usage: Appropriate for all types and sizes of businesses.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: This guarantee is worry-free. It ensures your investment's satisfaction and peace of mind.

OTO 4 – Pages By ConvertLead – $97 One Time


  • AI-Powered: Be Smart. Using AI power, quickly and easily create stunning, professional-looking websites and landing pages.
  • Responsive Designs: Provide a flawless user experience. Ensure your websites look great on any device. 
  • The Template Library: Access a vast collection of diverse templates suitable for multiple niches and industries.
  • Compelling Copy: Use AI to generate compelling and persuasive copy. It will greatly increase the likelihood of your visitors converting into customers. 
  • Conversion Multiplier: Maximize your lead conversions. Ensure every visitor is engaged and converted effectively.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Developed for the first time globally, create customized web pages with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. It makes website creation simple and reflexive.
  • SEO Optimization: Improve your website’s visibility and search engine rankings with built-in SEO features.
  • Integration with ProspectR: Seamlessly integrates with ProspectR to ensure a smooth progression from lead capture to conversion.
  • One-Time Payment: Avoid recurring costs with a single payment, providing unlimited access to the tool’s features.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: A 30-day money-back, risk-free guarantee ensures satisfaction and confidence in the tool’s effectiveness.

WHY AiChatAgent?

  • Handles real-time sales, support inquiries, and collect crucial lead data 24/7
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing CRM systems
  • Personalized data collection
  • Supports over 3000 integrations
  • Unlimited AI agents, conversations, and uploads
  • Easily integrates with OpenAI API
  • Uses advanced OSINT AI technology to generate high-quality leads from LinkedIn
  • Leverages AI technology to find and engage high-quality prospects from Facebook


Describe AiChatAgent! 

AiChatAgent is an evolved AI-powered chatbot platform developed primarily to handle real-time sales, support inquiries, and lead data collection 24/7. Its integration with multiple CRM systems is seamless and supports numerous languages. It is an exclusively efficient tool for global customer engagement.

Can AiChatAgent integrate with my website?

Yes. AiChatAgent can be integrated into any website with just a single line of code. It is a quick and easy setup and allows chatbot deployment on websites. Technical knowledge or expertize is not mandatory at all.

Can I match AiChatAgent to my brand's personality?

Yes, AiChatAgent has extensive customization options. You can match the chat widget's appearance, upload logos, change colors, and modify button texts for enhanced brand recognition.

How to train AiChatAgent?

AiChatAgent provides options to train its AI using different resources, such as documents, books, and websites. The trained AI then provides accurate and contextually relevant responses to visitor queries.

How does AiChatAgent handle lead generation and capture leads?

AiChatAgent can capture leads and optimize interactions, driving customers through the sales pipeline independently. It seamlessly integrates with various platforms to send and manage leads.

Which tools and platforms can AiChatAgent integrate with?

AiChatAgent can integrate with over 3000 tools and platforms, including leading CRM systems. 

To what extent does AiChatAgent provide analytics?

AiChatAgent provides instant data understanding through detailed analytics. It helps make data-driven, informed decisions that can continuously improve performance.

Are there any limits to the number of AI agents or conversations?

There are no limits. With AiChatAgent, you can establish unlimited AI agents and have unlimited conversations. The chatbot is capable of handling interactions for businesses of any size.

Does AiChatAgent communicate in numerous languages?

AiChatAgent sustains multilingual communication, which allows it to engage with customers in numerous languages. 

How to start with AiChatAgent?

To start using AiChatAgent, purchase the base product or any of its OTOs. Then, follow the setup instructions to integrate it with your website or platform and customize it.


AiChatAgent is known for its comprehensive features, which include unlimited AI agents and conversations, flexible webhook linkage, and ample integration capabilities.

FeatureAiChatAgentIntercomDriftZendesk ChatTidio
INTEGRATION EASESingle line of codeCode snippetCode snippetCode snippetCode snippet
ENHANCED TRAINING FEATURESYes, with document uploadYes, via custom botsYes, via custom botsLimitedLimited
TOOL INTEGRATIONSOver 3000 tools and platformsLimited integrationsWide range, including CRMsLimited integrationsIntegrates with various platforms
ANALYTICSDetailed analyticsBasic analyticsAdvanced analyticsBasic analyticsBasic analytics
COST$37 (base price)Starts at $87/monthStarts at $50/monthStarts at $19/monthStarts at $18/month
LANGUAGE SUPPORTMultiple languagesMultiple languagesLimited language supportMultiple languagesMultiple languages
CUSTOMER SATISFACTIONHigh, with prompt responsesHigh, with personalized supportHigh, with AI-driven responsesHigh, with real-time responsesHigh, with AI-driven responses
FLEXIBLE WEBHOOK LINKAGEYesLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
CUSTOM DATA HARVESTINGYesLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited
CRM INTEGRATIONConvertlead CRMSalesforce, HubSpotSalesforce, HubSpotZendesk CRMVarious CRMs
SETUP & CUSTOMIZATIONEasy, user-friendlyModerate, requires setupModerate, requires setupModerate, requires setupEasy, user-friendly
CONVERSATIONAL ENGAGEMENTHuman-like interactionsHuman-like interactionsAI-driven interactionsReal-time chatAI-driven interactions
DOCUMENT UPLOADSUnlimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimited


AI is a rapidly changing technology, and new outcomes are abiding. A few years into the future, AI will become more context-intelligent, relevant, responsible, and reliable. With its advancement, large language models with more parameters will be created. For Client Relationship Management, more and better assistive tools will be added. AI will mature into autonomous agents representing the core values and beliefs of organizations and becoming customers' first point of contact. This revolution is not far away. Get Ready to Embrace the Change!

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