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50+ Free Sites For SaaS Startup Promotion in 2022

You recently unveiled a fresh SaaS website. Amazing! The job has just started, though, so this as well. You must now advertise it.

Fortunately, you have access to a wide range of free promotion choices. If you exert the necessary work across several platforms, these solutions can be beneficial to you.

We've compiled a list of more than 50 websites where you may advertise your website for free. Despite being free, these solutions still need your time and effort. By concentrating on the websites that are most pertinent to your business rather than all of them, you may obtain greater value for your efforts.

The websites that your clients are most likely to utilise should be chosen because effective promotion takes a lot of effort. Consider the best way to appeal to your potential market.

Here is a list of 50+ websites with a domain authority (DA) or more that are the finest venues to advertise your startup for free.

Don't just create posts for the sake of creating posts because the DA shifts with time and Google searches for relevant sources.

Platforms list:

No.        NAME



                                       LINK     TYPE
1.Allstartups 26allstartups.infoDirectories
3.Alternative To73
4.Beta bound52betabound.comDirectories
5.Beta page43betapge.coCommunity
11.Hacker News91news.ycombinator.comCommunity
13.Indie Hackers45indiehackers.comCommunity
15.My Startup Tool13https://mystartuptool.comDirectories
21.r/ Subreddits
22.r/ Subreddits
23.Saas Hub23Saashub.comDirectories
24.Saasgenius.com40 Directories
25.SaaSuggest18 Other
26.Side projectors39 Directories
28.Site Directories
29.snapmunk.com50 Directories
30.Spectacle29 Directories
31.Stackshare54 Directories
32.Startup Communities
33.Startup Base19 Directories
34.Startup beat46 Directories
35.startup blink48 Directories
36.Startup Button26 Directories
37.Startup Costs19 Directories
39.Startup inspire24 Directories
40.Startup Lift39startuplift.comDirectories
41.startup lister38 Directories
42.Startup Tracker49Startuptracker.ioDirectories
43.Startup Tracker37 Directories
44.Startup8835 Directories
45.startupresources.io38 Directories
46.Startups galaxy54startupgalaxy.comCommunities
47.Storyfied.com10 Directories
48.Thatappshow20 Directories
49.The startup inc25 Directories
50.Toolsalad17 Directories
51.Uplabs58 Directories
52.VBprofiles49 Directories
53.Webwiki49 Directories


FREE venues for startup promotion

When posting your startup, use caution. Do not merely spam. Be very cautious when using Hacker News and Reddit, but if you're already actively involved or can come up with a good posting strategy, it can be quite profitable.

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