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Create And Manage 100s Of Social Media Content In One Go With FranknAI!

Cutting-edge marketing automation tool for driving traffic 24/7.  AI affects the creation of 365 days of content, publishing it, and updating on audience feedback. Get a better tool, and we will never talk about it again.


🠊 Content – FranknAI generates marketing content based on user inputs. That is valued for 365 days.

🠊 Task Operations – With the assistance of a visual calendar and detailed task listings, it schedules and organizes marketing assignments.

🠊 Integration – For content management it simultaneously links multiple social media platforms.

🠊 Optimization In Real-Time – It efficiently regulates marketing strategies and content based on audience feedback and performance data.

🠊 Plan Adaption – It easily customizes marketing plans, including content objectives, frequency, and social media platforms.

🠊 Metrics – Content performances and campaign effectiveness are given exhaustive discernment.

🠊 Automation – Content posting, updating, and feedback integration across all connected platforms are suitably automated.

🠊 Task Details – It automatically generates comprehensive explanations for each planned task.

🠊 Strategies – Content strategies are devised automatically for irresistible content with a professional tone and branding character.

🠊 Reprocessing – To maximize content utility, it facilitates adapting and reusing existing content across different platforms and formats.

🠊 Sync Vision – Images are effortlessly added and managed directly within the posts using ImageSync. Images are collected from user devices and public libraries.

🠊 Performances – To help and guide users in understanding and improving their marketing outcomes, it provides in-depth analytics for each task and campaign,

🠊 CSV Export – Users can export task lists and data in CSV format for analysis and record-keeping.

🠊 Scheduling – Content scheduling is an essential part of social media postings. Its versatile feature enables users to include or exclude particular days, holidays, or weekends from their task schedules.

🠊 Accessibility – Users can import and download documents for later use as references or content sources directly within the platform.

🠊 Audio Content – Users can upload or record audio content as required. Audio content can easily be integrated into marketing campaigns.

🠊 Support – It has a robust customer support system, providing detailed training materials and solid support. It helps users maximize their usage of the platform.


Brand Recognition: FranknAI ensures your brand becomes more recognizable and familiar to the target audience. It invariably presents your brand's message across various social media platforms.

Target Revenue: FranknAI uses data-driven insights to identify the most profitable customer segments. Optimizing strategies and efforts helps you achieve your revenue and sales targets.

New Consumer Groups: FranknAI, through advanced data analysis, uncovers untapped segments likely to be receptive to your products or services, extending your customer base and increasing market penetration.

✔ Brand Loyalty: Through consistent and efficient customer management, FranknAI helps forge stronger, long-lasting customer relations.

Brand Perception: FranknAI helps improve brand or product perception by ensuring all customer interactions are positive and aligned with your brand values.

Share of the Pie: To gain more market-share percentage, FranknAI's data-driven strategies are directed towards outsmarting competitors, attracting customers, and hence, increasing market dominance.

✔ New Peddles: FranknAI identifies the most promising growth opportunities to gain a foothold in newer markets.

✔ Campaigns: FranknAI streamlines your marketing efforts by automating and optimizing campaigns and making them data-driven, targeted, and efficient, maximizing ROI and reducing resource wastage.

✔ Qualified Leads: FranknAI’s data analysis and accurate audience targeting ensure that lead-generation efforts are more effective and efficient. It helps identify and attract potential customers who are more likely to convert into paying customers.

✔ Purchase Decisions: FranknAI influences purchasing decisions by guiding potential customers through the purchase journey. It gives personalised recommendations and targeted content.

✔ Conversion Multiplier: By optimizing marketing strategies and personalizing customer interactions, FranknAI helps convert more prospects into customers.

✔ Churn Rates: FranknAI helps identify reasons customers may leave and provides strategies to address these issues. Reducing churn rates is essential to maintain a stable customer base.

✔ CPL: FranknAI helps in lowering cost per lead by optimizing lead generation strategies. It makes sure that the target audience is the most receptive.

✔ Sales Cycle Time: The shorter the sales cycle, the faster the revenue. FranknAI helps shorten the gestation period from initial contact to closing a sale by streamlining the sales process.

✔ Strategic Partnerships: Developing business alliances can extend your market reach and resources. FranknAI helps identify potential partners and facilitates the creation of mutually beneficial relationships.

✔ Website Traffic: FranknAI helps improve website traffic by optimizing content and marketing strategies. It ensures that your website attracts more visitors who will likely engage with your content and convert into customers.   


The base price of FranknAI is $37. It also offers various plans.


OTO 1 – FranknAI PRO – $67 one-time


      Easily import business details through a PDF, text, Document, or audio

      Go beyond social media platforms and create blogs, emails, and ads

      Select as many automation objectives as you want to make your content

OTO 2 – FranknAI UNLIMITED – $297/yr or $77/quarter or $697 lifetime


      Unlimited Businesses

      Unlimited Content

      Unlimited Automation Plans

      Unlock Team License

OTO 3 – FranknAI Agency $197 one time


🠆 ​Unlimited Sub Accounts

🠆 100% Profit: Sell or rent agency accounts of FranknAI at ANY price

🠆 Add, delete, or manage clients easily

🠆 Charge a monthly or a one-time fee (you decide)

🠆 Just approach anyone who needs an in-house marketing department

🠆 ​Register Links Generator

🠆 ​DFY Business Website:

  •       All Website Pages Created with content
  •       Add Business Client's Testimonial
  •       Add Featured Samples of Business Services Offered
  •       Custom PayPal Checkout Integration

🠆 ​DFY:

  •       Sales Proposal
  •       Email Swipes
  •       Telemarketing Scripts
  •       Legal Contract
  •       Graphics Banner
  •       Business Cards
  •       FB Ads Creativity
  •       Rate Cards
  •       Letterheads
  •       Invoice

OTO 4 – AI Repurpose Domination – $47 one-time


🠆 ​Creating

  •       An Email Sequence
  •       ​CTA & Follow-Up Emails
  •       Sales Page Using AI Copywriting
  •       Bonuses
  •       Marketing Material To Get Leads & Sales
  •       Benefits And Features

🠆 ​Structuring Email Content

🠆 ​Publish

🠆 ​Developing CTA

🠆 ​FAQ

🠆 ​Finding Target Audience

🠆 ​Opening The Sales Page

🠆 ​Prices & Refund Policies

🠆 ​Testing And Optimizing


      You don’t need any PAID tool to make it work

      You don’t need countless hours of your precious time

      You don’t need to outsource your work to anyone

      You don’t need to be a good writer

      You don’t need to buy any subscriptions or pay recurring fees


Q: What is automated content in FranknAI?

A: It refers to the feature that generates marketing content for an entire year based on user input. It saves time and effort.

Q: How does FranknAI help with task management?

A: It schedules and organizes marketing assignments using a visual calendar and detailed task listings and keeps track of all marketing activities.

Q: Can FranknAI be integrated with social media platforms?

A: Yes. FranknAI can be linked with multiple social media platforms for flawless content management and posting.

Q: Describe content optimization in real-time. 

A: FranknAI adjusts marketing strategies and optimizes content based on audience feedback and performance data analysis in real-time.

Q: What types of content metrics does FranknAI furnish?

A: FranknAI provides an exhaustive understanding of content performances and campaign effectiveness.

Q: What content strategy assistance does FranknAI provide?

A: It guides the development of captivating content strategies that align with a brand's professional tone and character.

Q: What feature is ImageSync in FranknAI? 

A: FranknAI's most striking feature, ImageSync, allows users to add and manage images directly within their posts effortlessly. It collects images from devices and public libraries.

Q: Can FranknAI support audio content?

A: Yes. It allows users to integrate audio content into their marketing campaigns. They can upload or record audio content directly within the platform.

Q: How does FranknAI improve and boost brand awareness? 

A: By consistently presenting brand messages across various social media platforms, FranknAI makes brands more recognizable and familiar to the target audience.


FranknAI is most preferred for its automation capabilities, comprehensive task management, and economical pricing. It gives tough competition to other tools available in the market as businesses seek an all-in-one marketing solution, which it comprehensively provides. Its unique features include year-long automated content generation and a robust task management system.












Yes, it generates content for a year

No, manual content scheduling

Limited, requires manual input

Yes, but not for a full year


Yes, visual calendars & task lists

Yes, calendar view & assignments

Yes, with advanced workflow

Yes, calendar & task automation


Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram


Yes, based on performance data

Limited, requires manual adjustments

Yes, advanced AI analytics

Yes, real-time suggestions


Yes, easily customizable plans

Yes, but with limitations

Yes, highly customizable

Yes, flexible planning


Comprehensive insights provided

Basic analytics included

Advanced analytics

Detailed insights and reports


Full automation for posting & updates

Limited manual scheduling is needed

High level of automation

Extensive automation features


Yes, professional tone & branding

Limited to user input

Yes, AI-driven recommendations

Yes, strategic content planning


Yes, across platforms & formats

Yes, but it requires manual input

Yes, with some automation

Yes, but more manual


Yes, with ImageSync & audio mixing

Yes, but separate tools are needed

Yes, integrated media library

Yes, but limited to image use


Robust support and training

Extensive support & resources

Premium support & extensive training

Good support and documentation







Yes, it includes/excludes specific days

Yes, with basic scheduling options

Advanced scheduling capabilities

Yes, with detailed scheduling


High, with positive user feedback

High, widely used

High, enterprise-focused

High, especially among SMEs


$37 base price

Starts at $19/month

Custom pricing, enterprise-level

Starts at $49/month



As a marketing tool, FranknAI is known for its power and adaptability. It streamlines and enhances marketing efforts. The ability to generate a year's worth of content, manage tasks with a visual calendar, and seamlessly integrate with major social media platforms makes it a preferred choice. FranknAI is a complete solution package for businesses who wish to optimize their marketing strategies.

FranknAI's various one-time offer packages include the Pro, Unlimited, and Agency options, which are convenient for small businesses and large marketing agencies.

The platform's AI-driven automation capabilities and metrics analysis help achieve crucial marketing goals, from boosting brand awareness and loyalty to seizing new consumer segments and multiplying conversions.

FranknAI is an excellent marketing tool compared to similar tools like Hootsuite, Sprinklr, and ContentStudio; it offers a unique blend of large-scale automation, detailed analytics, and cost-effective pricing. It primarily attracts businesses that wish to upgrade their marketing efforts to lower costs and manual inputs.

A complete, accessible, and effective marketing tool to manage the complexities of modern marketing.

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